Alba Casanovas

She was born in Barcelona in 1973. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona where she graduated in painting in 1997. She has collaborated on projects by artists such as Perejaume, Antoni Muntadas, and David Clark. She studied painting on glass with Gisela Sabóková. She has developed her career both teaching and with her personal work that has been exposed on different galleries in Spain. She has received awards and different collectors and companies have some of her artwork. Since 2019 she lives and works in Fresno, California. alba(at)

1aVera Icona 11
1aVera Icona 13
1aVera Icona blauver
1aVera Icona m1
2bLluna 2
2blluna 1
Sense Títol 1997 2
Sense Títol 1997
Sense Títol 1998
Sense Títol 2003 2
Sense Títol 2003 3
Sense Títol 2003
Sense Títol 2004 2
Sense Títol 2004 3
Sense Títol 2004 4
Sense Títol 2004 5
Sense Títol 2004
Sense Títol 2005 2
Sense Títol 2005 3
Sense Títol 2005
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